Comforting culinary specialities to enjoy this winter

La rouille de seicheLes spécialités culinaires réconfortantes à déguster cet hiverLa soupe de poissonLes moules farcies à la sétoiseLes encornets farcisLa macaronadeLa bourride de baudroie
There's nothing like the warmth of a tasty dish to cheer you up when the temperatures drop! Our local specialities, mostly based on fish and seafood, are ideal for indulging yourself while eating locally. 
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Cuttlefish rust 

This is a speciality with a reputation that is well established! Melting pieces of cuttlefish, dipped in a simmering tomato sauce and bound with a delicious aioli... To be enjoyed with potatoes, rice or tagliatelle. A dish whose finesse and flavours will make you fall over, to be discovered in all the good restaurants of the Thau Archipelago. 
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Stuffed squid 

Squid? What's that? They are in fact small squids whose tube (i.e. the body without the tentacles) measures between 8 and 14 centimetres.  

Delicately stuffed with a mixture of sausage meat, breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley, the squids are cooked over a low heat and then coated in a tomato and herb-based sauce. They are served with spaghetti or white rice. A delicious dish! 
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Monkfish bourride

The traditional monkfish bourride à la sétoise is a speciality made from monkfish, a fish with fine, firm and tasty flesh. Accompanied by chopped vegetables, all tied together with a generous aioli, this is a tasty and delicious recipe to be eaten without moderation! 

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Fish soup 

Concocted with several varieties of fish, and cooked with vegetables and a touch of white wine and olive oil, fish soup à la sétoise will surprise you with the intensity of its flavours. And for even more deliciousness, it can be served with aïoli, croutons, rouille and grated gruyère. A soup like no other! 
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The famous macaronade

Emblematic of the Sète tradition, macaroni is a generous and family dish, a symbol of conviviality. Its recipe, perfected over time by the Italian-Sétoise community, has been passed down from generation to generation and owes its fame to the chefs who bring this well-kept secret to the general public. 

Although this dish, made up of pasta, meat and a simmering tomato sauce, may seem simple, it is not: the choice of the quality of the meat used, the composition of its stuffing and all the flavours of its brown sauce make it a succulent dish that you will remember! 
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Stuffed mussels à la sétoise

If you like seafood, you absolutely must try the mussels stuffed with sétoise sauce! The delicacy of the mussel flesh combined with the character of the stuffing, as well as the hint of aioli used to bind the sauce will not fail to surprise and seduce you! This speciality is served with spaghetti or rice.  
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