Discover the 14 communes of the Archipel of Thau

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No matter which destination you have chosen for your holiday in the Thau archipelago, we invite you to take advantage of these few days to get away from it all and discover the 14 communes that make up our destination. 

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Set on a hillock, the village dominates the creek of the corner with a view on the lagoon. A medieval village wrapped in its ramparts, which magnifies the past. We love to get lost in its narrow streets.

Discover Balaruc-le-Vieux

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The first spa in France, Louis Bonaparte already came here for a cure in the 19th century! People come here to enjoy the benefits of its thermal waters, but also to stroll through the flowery alleys of the Mediterranean Antique Garden or along its promenade which runs alongside the Thau lagoon.

Discover Balaruc-les-Bains

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The cradle of shellfish farming, this charming little fishing village has been awarded the "remarkable site of taste" label and lives mainly from oyster and mussel farming. Its museum of the Thau lagoon retraces the history of breeding techniques. Not to be missed every summer: the oyster festival. 

Discover Bouzigues

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Frontignan is the town of muscatel wine, which is enjoyed on the banks of the lake. Nestled between ancient salt marshes, a 7 km long beach and the Gardiole massif, the town offers many walks in these unique landscapes. 

Discover Frontignan

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On one side the Thau lagoon, on the other the Gardiole massif and a vast wine-growing plain: Gigean is nestled in a unique setting. Gigean is famous for its 11th century gothic abbey Saint-Félix de Monceau and its monastic gardens. 

Discover Gigean

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In the north of the Thau Basin, Loupian is known for the Gallo-Roman Villa, now transformed into a museum. Typical winegrowers' houses, Renaissance facades in the town centre, a paleochristian church...

Discover Loupian

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Between vine growing and shellfish farming, Marseillan is full of treasures... Its port, its beach, the Pointe des Onglous, the Noilly Prat house or its Bagnas nature reserve where pink flamingos and grey herons mingle... So many reasons to visit this charming town. 

Discover Marseillan

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Founded in the 6th century B.C. by the Phoceans, the town was once the largest port in the Thau archipelago. A prestigious past, atypical buildings offer themselves to the eye... Mèze is today a town where life is good. A must: shellfish and white wine tasting in one of the restaurants adjacent to its charming port. 

Discover Mèze

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Halfway between Sète and Montpellier, Mireval is a charming village in which you can wander along pretty, bucolic, fortified paths. During a visit to the village, how could you not succumb to the tasting of its delicious Muscat wine of international renown? 

Discover Mireval

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A picturesque village with a thousand-year-old history, Montbazin is known for its belfry, its winegrowers' houses and above all its Romanesque chapel, decorated with frescoes. From this well-preserved village, there are short hiking trails through the garrigue to the hills of La Moure. 

Discover Montbazin

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Situated to the north of the Thau lagoon, Poussan is a typical Languedoc village in "circulade", where the narrow streets of yesteryear are intertwined. A must-see to immerse yourself in the Middle Ages and discover remarkable buildings and architectural elements. 

Discover Poussan

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A city set on the water, which offers incredible panoramas of the Thau archipelago and the entire Languedoc coast. From its quays with their colourful facades to its picturesque districts, via its museums and its rich cultural programme. A little south in itself! 

Discover Sète

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In Vic-la-Gardiole you will discover a fortified Romanesque church, but also walks by the ponds, looking out for pink flamingos. This pretty village is also the starting point for numerous hikes or mountain bike rides in the Aresquiers woods or in the Gardiole massif. 

Discover Vic-la-Gardiole

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Situated in the centre of a vineyard and market gardening plain, it is the know-how of its agricultural producers that has made Villeveyrac famous. Surrounded by scrubland, it also offers a multitude of possibilities for walks and hikes, after a visit to its majestic Valmagne Abbey, a pure Cistercian jewel from the 12th century. 

Discover Villeveyrac

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