My vacation with my dog

Do you need information to make sure your holiday in Mèze with your dog goes as smoothly as possible? We've got it all here!

At the beach 
If you'd like to share a cool moment with your dog during your holiday in Mèze, a beach area is now authorised for dogs to swim. It is located in front of the tambourine court, chemin de l'Escouladou.

A few tips 
Our animal friends also suffer from the heat. Don't leave them in your car while you're out walking! And remember to take them out at the cooler times of day so they don't catch a ‘heat stroke’.
To improve everyone's quality of life, remember to pick up after your dog. Failure to comply with the municipal by-law of 25 September 2006 on dog mess can result in various types of fine. 

Lost your dog? 
If you've lost your dog, first contact the Mèze municipal police, 23 rue Sadi Carnot or +33 (0)4 67 43 51 11. Then contact the Noé animal complex (+33 (0)4 67 27 55 37). Captured animals are taken there after being seen by a vet if they are injured (care costs to be paid by the owner). Owners have a legal period of 8 working days to recover their animal before it is considered abandoned and transferred to the SPA refuge at the Noé animal complex in Montpellier.