All the treasure hunts to discover the Thau Archipelago

Le trésor perdu des couleurs de ValmagneLe secret du KrakenLe secret du KrakenTous les jeux de piste pour découvrir l’Archipel de ThauLe secret du KrakenBarberoussette : Le jeu de piste pour petits et grandsle Médiéval Challenge
What better way to (re)discover the Thau Archipelago, its towns and monuments through a treasure hunt during your family holiday? This is the experience you can have in Sète, Villeveyrac, Frontignan-Plage or Balaruc-les-Bains. Don't wait any longer!  
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Barberoussette: the treasure hunt for young and old (Sète)

According to legend, the famous pirate Barberoussette was active in the maritime city at the end of the 16th century and hid his treasure there. Even today, many adventurers have tried to find it... Without success! Fortunately for you, the pirate left several pieces of the map that allow you to find his riches in Sète.

But before you can hope to find them all, you will have to solve several riddles related to the monuments and history of Sète. Go to the tourist information office in Sète with your phone to download the application (available on Android and Apple). Then, you're off for an hour and a half of exploration along the canal and the fish market, in the Haut district... 
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The Medieval Challenge (Frontignan-Ville)

Get ready to travel back in time to Frontignan-Ville with the Medieval Challenge and more precisely to the year of grace 1360, when fear reigned in the streets of France: the Black Death. In these dark times, there was still hope, as a handful of fiefs, including Frontignan, were spared. 

This is where you enter the scene in search of the works of Henri de Percehaie, a renowned alchemist who left behind only a few pages of his diary. For about 2 hours, you will (re)discover the historical centre of Frontignan and try to save the country! 

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The lost treasure of the colours of Valmagne (Villeveyrac) 

This time, we're heading to Villeveyrac, in the heart of Valmagne Abbey, to try to find the lost treasure of the colours of Valmagne! 

Designed especially for families, from 4 to 99 years old, this treasure hunt allows you to (re)discover this historic monument, and even some unlikely and secret places in the abbey! But first, push open the doors of the building and let one of the guides give you a bag full of surprising objects and a mysterious map.

From the cloister to the medieval garden, the vineyard collection, the parlor, the washroom, and even the interior of the tuns, you will be immersed for two hours in a fabulous historical epic. And to reward the little explorers as well as the adults, a wine/grape juice tasting will be offered at the end of the tour.

To find out more about the treasure hunt "The lost treasure of the colours of Valmagne", read our dedicated article or visit the abbey's website.  
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The Kraken treasure (Frontignan-Plage)

It is off the coast of Frontignan-Plage that Captain Moustache has found a mysterious secret chest, but he is on one of his many missions to find the sea monsters, and he has entrusted you with this quest. He has left all the elements necessary for your investigation at the tourist information office in Frontignan-Plage. When you arrive, you will have to quickly read the booklet and the objects left by Captain Mustache in his bag.

Your mission: decipher the writings by following the clues and find the seven monsters to discover the treasure. For about two hours, you and your children (from 6 years old) will explore the surroundings of the marina, the Etang des Mouettes and the beach, before returning to the reception desk to open the safe and discover the famous treasure.  

Randoland (Balaruc-les-Bains)

In Balaruc-les-Bains, your little explorers (from 4 years old) will have to find the identity of Lolo Spinosi's friend through several riddles. But first, go to the Balaruc-les-Bains reception desk to pick up your "Randoland" treasure hunt and some writing materials.

Once equipped, let yourself be guided by the Rando detective to each of the key places in Balaruc-les-Bains where the different riddles are hidden. You will discover, among other things, the remains of the village in Roman times, the church, the Mediterranean Antique Garden, the nautical centre, the old port, the jousting memorial, the promenade des Bains, the thermal baths, the Brassens / Spinosi promenade... On the way, don't hesitate to look up to enjoy the view of Mont Saint-Clair, Sète and the shellfish beds.

Tip: In the summer, this trail is best done in the morning or late afternoon.