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Artists and craftsmen abound in the Thau archipelago, from which they draw their inspiration as much as they shape its soul. Push open the door of their workshops and galleries to discover their work! 


Michelle Bordas, glassblower and sculptor
With the know-how she acquired in Venice during 18 years, Michelle Bordas transforms glass into unique jewellery. But her thirst for art also leads her to explore other materials, such as iron, on which she lets the natural oxidation of water act and which she forges under the voracious flame of her torch and her inspiration. She also organises introductory courses for all audiences, so don't hesitate to push open the door of her studio and let yourself be invaded by her light.
Adress : 9 rue Paul Doumer - 34140 Mèze
Tel : 06 17 84 01 69
Website :

Dominique Schaetzel, visual artist
Dominique Schaetzel assembles materials, colours and moments in the same space. She sows clues, welcomes the unexpected, summons the bizarre, thus liberating new alliances. Then memory weaves its strange tales where phantasmagoria and humour dialogue in stories without head or tail. Isn't this little theatre of life that she gives us to see also a mirror for everyone?
Adress : 7 Bd du Port - 34140 Mèze
Tel : 06 74 37 04 87
Website :

Brigitte Barberane, painter
Painter, illustrator and co-creator of the oracle card games The Doors of Intuition and The Doors of the Soul, Brigitte Barberane is a contemplative who is convinced of the beauty of the world and its inhabitants. Her art is resolutely positive and everything that contributes to giving meaning enriches her creations: feelings, the world of possibilities and dreams, aspirations and beliefs, light and hope...
Adress : 14 rue du Dr magne - 34140 Mèze
Tel : 06 62 06 66 34
Website :

K-Arty, photographer
K-Arty has an atypical photographic background. It is as a self-taught person that he is initiated to the shooting and the development. His tenacity and his will to continue to learn and evolve led him to a professional approach which will be achieved in several stages. His work is inspired by a permanent quest for renewal. To the softness of a portrait, he knows how to oppose the brutality of an industrial wasteland with a particular sensitivity for aesthetics. His works are on permanent display at the "L'arbre de Jade" gallery.
Adress ; 36 rue du Port - 34140 Mèze
Tel :  04 67 89 60 95
Website :

Michel Dupuis, painter
Michel Dupuis is a figurative painter but he does not try to make a simple copy of what he sees. He paints according to his feelings, whatever the subject, because it is not so much the subject that counts but the emotion that one puts into it. If today he draws his inspiration from the landscapes of his environment, it is with a gaze that has become veiled in reaction to his own disillusionment and also that of a world that is moving away from the values he holds dear. This veiled look, which has contributed to the originality of his style, is expressed in his painting through a "blur" that leaves room for dreams and the imaginary. 
Adress : 30 rue du Dr magne - 34140 Mèze
Tel : 06 20 81 30 62
Website :

Noëlle Dauly-Jolivet, painter and sculptor
Without limits or constraints, the artist gives himself over entirely to an abstract deliverer of subliminal images. His universe astonishes and attracts. Earth, bronze, stone, glass, metal... Noëlle sculpts on all materials, releasing an energy marked by her personality. Her paintings will make you travel in a harmonious world full of colours.
Adress : 24 rue Gambetta - 34140 Mèze
Tel : 06 88 49 54 66
Website :

Véronique Laurenge, jewellery designer
The address for a fancy set of pearls and semi-precious stones from all over the world. If you want a unique piece of jewellery, a wide range of original creations is available. Véronique also makes up, in the colours of your choice, necklaces, bracelets, made to measure, and can repair the jewels you want.
Adress : 41 Bd du port - 34140 Mèze
Tel : 06 52 78 24 52
Website :

L'Arbre de Jade, art gallery
Eclectic artistic worlds in a 20th century space where emerging painters, sculptors and ceramists rub shoulders with established artists.
Adress : 36 rue du Port  - 34140 Mèze
Tel : 06 86 13 51 15
Website :

Espace o25rjj, space for contemporary creation
A place dedicated to contemporary creation (residencies, exhibitions, performances...) in the heart of the village of Loupian!
Adress : 25 rue Jean Jaurès - 34140 Loupian

Tél. : 06 10 02 97 23
Website :

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